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Short tours in Mongolia

Short tours in Mongolia for those who are not so long in the country. Steppenfuchs Reisen has put together some destinations where you don’t have to be on the road endlessly to experience Mongolia. Either in the surroundings of Ulaanbaatar, in the Gobi, or in the north to the Khovsguul Lake, or the short trip to the former capital of the Mongol Empire – Karakorum. One thing is common to all trips, we would like to introduce you to the Mongolian culture in the short time. So not just drive by, but experience in the middle of it. Our guide is the ambassador of the Mongolian culture. We do not only focus on the historical facts, but also on current changes. All our short trips can be combined or each trip can be extended individually.

Day tours

Ulaanbaatar, or slang UB, is the political, economic and cultural center of Mongolia. The city is a young city, but still offers some highlights. Be it Buddhist, cultural, or scientific. The great Gandan Monastery, the monastery of the Tschojdshjin – Lama, the Fine Art Museum, or the Natural History Museum with the world famous dinosaur collection are only a few keywords. Ulaanbaatar is located on the southern edge of the Khentie Mountains, surrounded by the four sacred mountains, and the surrounding area is very suitable for short trips, where you can get a small insight into Mongolian culture. Terelch, or Mongolian Switzerland, with its unique panorama, or the beginning of the Gobi Desert can be reached in a very short time.

Steppenfuchs Reisen - Ballonfahrt

Going with the wind

Ballonfahrt durch den Tereltsch Nationalpark und besuch der neuen Chingges-Khan-Reiterstaue. Ein unvergessliches, wie auch faszinierendes Abenteuer, in der Mongolei

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Steppenfuchs Reisen Tereltsch-Schildkrötenfelsen

Naturpark Tereltsch

Tagesausflug nach Tereltsch, oder die mongolischen Schweiz. Das Tal ist am Südrand des Khenti-Gebirges gelegen und gehört mit zum Gorchi-Tereltsch-Nationalpark.

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2 Days

More time, more travel… Here we have listed for you trips that lead to the near surroundings of Ulaanbaatar. The surrounding area of Ulaanbaatar, offers a variety of different landscapes. Often Terelch Nature Park is in demand and consequently well crowded. Steppenfuchs Reisen has selected other beautiful destinations for you. These journeys go over two days, with an overnight stay, alternatively in a Mongolian yurt with a nomad family or somewhat more comfort, in the yurt camp. These trips can also be extended.

Hustain Nuruu und Mutterfelsen

Fahrt zum Hustain Nuuro Nationalpark. Schauen Sie die Przewalski-Pferde und wandern durch den Naturpark. Am Mutterfelsen (Eej-Khad) werden Sie Zeuge unterschiedlicher schamanistischer Rituale

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3 Days

Even more time, even more travel….. Three days, that is the shortest stopover when traveling on the “Transib”. No matter if you come from Beijing or from Lake Baikal. These journeys take you deeper into the countryside of Ulaanbaatar. Also on these trips there is the possibility to camp, to stay with nomadic families as a guest in a yurt, or to spend the night in a yurt camp.

Steppenfuchs Reisen - Schargalschuut

Natürlich Nordwärts

Im Khan-Chentii-Schutzgebiet erleben wir eine interessante Kombination zwischen Bahnfahrt, Reiten, Wandern und alles in einer unberührten Natur. Das Khan-Chentii-Schutzgebiet das zu den besonders geschützten Gebieten der Mongolei zählt.

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Steppenfuchs Reisen - Zeltenin der mongolischen Steppe

Der Ruf der Steppe

Eine Kurztour in die natürliche Mongolei. Steppe, Nomaden und Naturreligion sind das Thema dieser Tour. Lassen Sie sich verzaubern von dem Ruf der Steppe.

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Steppenfuchs Reisen - Karaqkorum

Karakorum und mehr

Eine Reise zur alten Hauptstadt des Mongolen Reichs Karakorum, zu den Wurzeln der Turkvölker, sowie eine Fahrt zum herrlich gelegenem Ogii-nuur See.

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4++ Days

Even more time to discover Mongolia. With our four and more day trips, you have the possibility to experience e.g. the Gobi in a small round trip, or to travel to the former capital of Mongolia. But, we would also like to show you new unknown regions, which we have found for you, because only there you can still experience the originality of Mongolia.

Kurz und Gobi

Die Wüste Gobi mit allen wichtigen Sehenswürdigkeiten im Programm. Erleben Sie die einmalige Wüstenlandschaft, die „red-Cliffs“, Khongoriin-Els und die Geierschlucht (Jolyn am).

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Energie Tanken

Traditionelles buddhistisches Wüstenkloster mit sehr starker Erdenergie ein Kraftort. Lebendig und aktiv. Durch seine Riten und Geschichte sehr beliebt bei der Bevölkerung

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Special short tours

Special short trips are trips that have a specific theme, or cannot be easily fit into the daily schedule.

With nomads

Experience nomadic culture with Steppenfuchs Reisen in the Archangai Mountains, Karakorum and Khongon Khan. Live like the nomads in Mongolia

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